A Commentary On Horse Riding Gear

In my mind, the riding of a horse is a privilege that we should be gracious and thankful for.  Our role in this should be to make sure that our mount is properly stabled, groomed, fed and kept in the good health that they deserve.  They also need to be exercised (as we all should be) and ridden with the intent of enjoyment for both ourselves and our steed and like all civilised couples, we should step out dressed to impress.

For the horse that obviously requires a saddle, bridle, reins and bit along with the rest of the well-kept tack that will both show of its grace and power while allowing the horse comfort and you the control that the relationship deserves.  A well-dressed steed gives us a sense of pride and maybe a little pep in our step.  But what is our responsibility from a dressage perspective?  While we normally acquaint dressage with the art or skill of the horse there should be a sense of responsibility that we too are aptly dressed for the occasion.

The smart equestrian should be well dressed in boots shone to a reflection and breeches that snug the shape of not just yourself but which also hug the horse for a more comfortable ride.  Topped with a helmet that is more safety than fashion we are almost completely in wardrobe.  While the boots, breeches and helmet are both customary and required for comfort and feel, we are still left with our torso that requires clothing and this is the area where we can add some of our personality to our outfit.

We have the opportunity to display our sense of style and self with the cut and the shade of our shirt (or blouse) and then we have the final flourish which is our choice of horse riding jackets to impress with.  A jacket, while being the final piece of our riding wardrobe is also the one piece that will make us either stand out in a crowd or help us to blend in with the majority.

All girls need a quality different horse riding jackets to use and they do come in a range of styles depending on your taste and style.  They also include functionality such as assisting as a windbreak with fleece lining, or that are waterproof. Depending on your sense of style, you may have a preference for the older hard shell type jacket or the newer softshell variety.  Softshell jackets are particularly good at being resistant to horse hair, straw and sticky bun crumbs ensuring that you always look your best while appearing comfortable just as you are.  Today’s style of jacket is also one that is very flattering to your form and this goes for both male and female riders so the option of a size smaller or larger is always an option for you.

Whatever your preference, the serious horse rider needs to be dressed as such (Your horse will notice if you are not, as will his horse friends) with a sense of style and functionality.


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